CSDI Case Studies

Corporate Case Study: Power Buying

One of CSDI's corporate clients buys promotional products through several different divisions at their company headquarters.  We took a look at their buying patterns and found that by "power buying" the company as a whole would save money and enjoy more efficient production and delivery.

Because each division largely ordered the same items throughout the year, we recommended one or two bulk power buys to create a savings in the long run for everyone.  CSDI offered to warehouse all of their items and embellish and deliver them upon request. 

As an example, the savings on embroidered hats came to $.50 per hat � and when you are purchasing 2500 hats at one time, that savings adds up to $1250.00.  A significant savings for our client!  Of course, our power buying plan included not only hats, but t-shirts, polo shirts, and mugs.  In this case, power buying proved a great success among all of the divisions and resulted in a significant savings for the corporation.


Corporate Case Study: Conference Ready Promotional Items

For some companies, a significant portion of their yearly promotion occurs at conferences.  One CSDI client attends several major conferences throughout the year and enhances their corporate presence by taking promotional giveaways.

In working with this client, we realized the conferences covered a range of themes.  Some emphasized the "techie" side of business, while one conference catered more executives and yet another was all about fun in the sun. 

Because CSDI has years of knowledge and experience in dealing with corporate apparel and promotional products, we were able to recommend the right solutions for our client.  For the more technical conferences, we recommended a travel "Power Trip" � a fantastic gadget that comes with three outlets and a USB port.  Great for person who travels and inevitably needs more outlets and USB ports. 

For the executive conference, we rounded up several more exclusive offers:  a leather hanging toiletry bag, a leather post-a-note holder with matching leather pencil cube, and a leather padfolio with matching pen.  These were very high end items and tailored to the executive. 

For the fun-in-the-sun conference we took a different tack, recommending solutions that included a light up "lava lamp like" pen, reusable tote bags, double sided travel mugs, and screen printed tees.  This corporate client relies on us heavily for new and exciting products throughout the year.  Keeping up with the latest and greatest products in both apparel and promotional items is a must and CSDI takes the challenge seriously, always ready to do the best for our corporate clients and for you.


Customer Case Study: Laser Etching

Representing his bowling team, Joe met with CSDI staff about custom embroidered bowling shirts.  As is CSDI practice, we did more than take Joe's order, we listened to his needs.

A bowling shirt is a short sleeve full button down shirt that is left untucked for easy movement.  Upon seeing a "true" bowling shirt, Joe determined that that was not what we wanted, but after being presented with a number of options decided on a three button down polo shirt instead.

Knowing bowling can be an intense game (even for fun), we recommended a breathable, fabric shirt as the best choice.  Dri weave shirts allow both freedom-of-movement and for the shirt to "breathe" while its wearer bowls.  Nevertheless, Joe was not convinced that he liked the material and instead decided on the old standby of a cotton polo shirt.   Still, a good choice.

At first, Joe wanted his bowling team's logo embroidered across the back with the name of the particular player embroidered on the left chest.  In our experience, full-back embroidery on a polo shirt was not something CSDI could recommend.  The issue stems from the vast number of stitches and the backing that would have to be added.  These factors would make the shirt very uncomfortable to wear in a short time and did not seem to us the most professional way to approach the project.  Joe agreed.

One great resource Joe walked in with was the uniqueness of his bowling team's logo.  Among the many options in our tool kit, we recommended laser etching as one of the newest, state-of-the-art techniques that would bring out his team's logo to best effect.  Used to create the back of the shirt logo, laser etching would deliver to Joe and his team a stand-out result.  The impressive possibilities encouraged the customer to revisit the dri-weave shirts that he had dismissed earlier.

The end result was complete excitement when the bowling team saw their new shirts.  None of the competing teams had this style of embellishment and the stunning results of the laser etching had Joe's team feeling very special.


Customer Case Study: Custom Embroidery

Rebecca visited CSDI with a photo of her daughter's "beefy" truck.  After listening to Rebecca's story of how her daughter participates in tractor pulls and the love this young lady has for her truck, CSDI went to work, helping Rebecca find the right choice for embellishment.  Rebecca's pride in her daughter was easy to see, and we were anxious to provide the best result possible.

Denim shirts were chosen as a fitting garment to work with, and the truck itself was going to be the embellishment.  CSDI worked with Rebecca to get details right, including the fine details of the Chevy emblem on the front of the truck, the 4x4 logo on the tail of the truck, the dirt kicking out from the tires,  the smoke bellowing from the stack pipe and the exact color of the truck itself.

A full back embroidered design from this young lady's photo was embellished to an exacting replica of the photo. 

Rebecca was thrilled when she saw the final product and the amazing detail we were able to translate into an embroidered work of art and a gift of love from mother to daughter.  Seeing the magic of CSDI's many capabilities, Rebecca wants to return to have the  have the same truck laser etched on the back of polo shirts!


Customer Case Study: Screen Printing

CSDI is at its best working with business owners, and we love to assist new entrepreneurs in promoting their companies and establishing esprit de corps.   Linda, who was opening a new restaurant, met with CSDI about creating promotional t-shirts.

Linda's goal was to have the shirts both for staff and to sell in the restaurant.  Our goal was to bring out the story Linda had to tell.  We wanted to know the personal story behind this new restaurant, what it meant to her, and how we could help create both a beautiful t-shirt and an emotional connection.

After talking a bit, we discovered the restaurant was being dedicated to a family member, the father of one of the owners.  The name of the restaurant and some of the sandwiches reflect his name, so promoting this on a t-shirt was very important.  Linda offered the suggestion of placing a picture on the back of the shirt in full color, which was a grand idea, except for the production cost.  It simply wouldn't be cost effective in meeting her goals, including the price point they needed to reach for in-restaurant sales.

Undaunted, we worked with Lisa to find a way to get the idea of the featured sandwich on the back of the shirt at a more effective production cost.  CSDI's screen printing capabilities turned out to be the answer.  Not only were we able to deliver a satisfactory solution, but the economical screen printing approach we recommended allowed Linda to purchase twice as many shirts as they originally thought they could afford.  At CSDI, a happy customer is a satisfied customer, and a satisfied customer is one who will likely return.


Service Area

CSDI is a specialty embellisher of wearables and novelty items, serving the Pittsburgh region and beyond, including but not limited to the communities of Greensburg, Irwin, North Huntingdon, North Versailles, Delmont, McKeesport, Murrysville, Monroeville, Oakland, and more.


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